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Logo and Meaning:

Individuals who are trapped within their circumstances with only one exit which is the gate way to Beneficial Life Coaching. The person may have had a thousand thoughts hence the circular shape around the bow. The bow is the trigger that if or when the individual is being pulled by his or her thoughts then he or she gets fired in different directions to which Beneficial Life Coaching serves as a guide towards a positive and benefiting outcome.


Live the present, Conquer the future. The future lies just beyond the finish-line of the present; so one cannot live the future while living in the present. Therefore, one must totally accomplish all in the present, while keeping an eye on the future.

Mission Statement:

Our ultimate goal is to help each individual to discover his or her true and full potential by helping each individual to unlock his or her unrealized possibilities with maximum impact.

Our Vision:

Is to enable each individual to activate and unleash the power of possibility within one’s self. As well as endeavoring to separate the behavior from the individual. We will recognized each person as an individual and not as a behavior or a problem. Therefore, we’ll work towards expelling all negative behaviors and coach the individual no matter how fragile or simple the problem or behavior maybe.


Beneficial Life Coaching main objectives are, to help each individual to become independent and self-actualized instead of being dependent. We aim to furnish each individual with the necessary tools and skills to grow and master their endeavors. We come to believe that “all things that are now bad was once good in its original existence and can be made good again” therefore, we are committed to guide all individuals to his/her self-discovery of his/her truth and reality.


Life coaching is a simple but very effective medium through which lives can be changed; even though coaching is not counseling but in most cases it can be equally benefiting. Its main objectives are, to coach and furnish individuals with the life changing skills to achieve a life-changing experience and benefits. Life coaching also aims to expel all negative fears and self-blame; while keeping the individual focus on his or her current and futuristic objectives, without investigating or exploring one’s early childhood upbringing. Some life coaches may choose to target one or two life’s issues, but Beneficial Life Coaching (BLC), takes a more holistic approach in order to provide coaching for the general population. Our reaction to life’s situations are learnt, whether through media, self-taught, or influenced by our environment. However, all negative perceptions and reactions can be unlearned through effective coaching.

If dealing with life’s situations have become challenging to the point of anger, frustration, procrastination, the lost of your faith, willpower, self-esteem, feelings of brokenness, or as if you are a failure; then you may need to consider life coaching such as BLC. Did you know that the two most powerful influences of our lives are our thoughts and belief system?

Impacting our lives with positive changes can be difficult when we attempt the changes by ourselves. Is your thoughts of being independent blocking your insight from accepting the help you need to become a better you? Being independent does not mean one should exist without the help of others. For example, 0-9 are the only independent numbers, and in order to make 10 we must borrow the power of zero (0) and placed it beside the value of one (1) to make the transition from one to 10; and one (1) also needs the value of 2 in order to make 12. Therefore, we should not be ashamed to use the help and values of life coaching.

Here are a few mind-boggling questions which are aimed to enhance your awareness towards the need for coaching. Could this be your moment to unlock your unrealized possibilities with maximum impact? Is the path you’re on taking you where you NEED to be? Are you ready to step out on nothing but FAITH, in order to land in the vicinity of possibilities? Are you doing what you love to do? Are you happy in your relationship? Are you living your dream? Are you functioning in the fullness of your strength and ability? In your early upbringing, you were sent to school with the expectation to learn. Then you get to the classroom the teacher puts an equation on the board, with a few vocabularies and said “You need to learn this equation and these vocabularies, they will be on your test” but the million-dollar question is; who taught you how to learn?

In our society people go to school to learn how to cook, become Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Drivers; but who taught us how to be ourselves? Or who taught us how to be parents, wives, and husbands? Beneficial life coaching has the key to unlock the door to these unanswered questions, as well as the tools and experience to help reshape your future.

BLC also specializes in coaching men how to be better men, and females how to be virtuous women. Therefore, at BLC we are highly trained to coach men and women, to be better men and virtuous women.

It has been said that love is the key to a successful relationship. A few decades ago one of America’s greatest icon in the singing industry asked a question. What love got to do with it? Some may say love has everything to do with it, but often times we have seen or heard of people who are deeply in-love but ends up separating from each other. Why? Because the foundation of love did not exist, or no longer existed within the relationship; and anything without a foundation will fall apart. Beneficial life coaching can coach you in finding the perfect foundation for a perfect love.

If you can identify areas in your life that you would like to improve or balance, then contact us today at Beneficial Life Coaching; where we can furnish you with the skills and motivation to achieve your desires. This is your time: and the right time to shift your focus beyond your horizon and to achieve your goals with commitment and determination.


Masters in Counseling Psychology, Family and Marriage, Bachelors in Biblical Theology and Ministry.